Bring COPIC Back!

The New York City Charter establishes the Commission on Public Information & Communication (COPIC) to “make city government more transparent to the citizens it serves and to encourage the public to become more actively involved in government.“

COPIC brings all the right people to the table to make New York City more transparent and participatory.

The Public Advocate has the power to convene COPIC and he should! It is an important commission that helps him perform his duty on behalf of the people of New York City.

Days Since COPIC Last Met

What is COPIC?

The New York City Charter establishes COPIC and defines who serves on it.

“The Commission is comprised of the Public Advocate (Chair); the Corporation Counsel; the Director of the Mayor’s Office of Operations; the Commissioner of the Department of Records and Information Services (DORIS); the Commissioner of the Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications (DOITT); the president of WNYC communications group or their delegates; and one Council Member elected by the Council. Additionally, four members are to be appointed – two by the Mayor (one representing the media and the other a member of a community board), one by the Public Advocate, and one by the Borough Presidents acting collectively.”

Why Isn’t COPIC Meeting?

Public Advocate Jumaane Williams claims he can’t convene COPIC because it isn’t funded. But the official COPIC website says …”Although COPIC has never been properly funded since its creation in 1989, it has had some important accomplishments” that include creating NYCTV, publishing a Public Data Directory of computerized information produced or maintained by City agencies, a guide to the NYS FOIL and Open Meetings Law, and more.

Watch the Last COPIC Meeting

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